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In Illinois and across the United States, you are not expected to work for someone else without proper compensation. Both the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Illinois state law set out specific requirements for compensating employees for the time they spent working. However, in many situations, an employer may either accidentally or intentionally violate wage and hour laws and employees have the right to seek the pay they deserve.

Employers should always be careful to comply with all wage and hour laws that apply to your business. However, even if you follow the law, employees can make accusations that you owe them unpaid wages. In addition, accounting errors or other mistakes may lead to a wage claim. It is important to have an experienced wage and hour attorney representing you who can defend against wrongful claims and can help resolve cases in a favorable and efficient manner.

The law office of Lopez & Sanchez regularly helps employees and employers with the following wage and hour claims, among others:

Minimum Wage –

There are many ways minimum wage claims can arise, including miscalculating hours, issues with tips and tip-sharing, illegal deductions from paychecks, and more.

Overtime –

Employees may not receive proper overtime pay if their hours are not properly calculated or if they are wrongfully classified as exempt from overtime eligibility.

Hours Worked –

The law requires that employees get paid for all hours worked, which can include preparing to work and setting up, as well as cleaning up after a shift. When hours are miscalculated, employees can be deprived of their rightful hourly wages or overtime pay.

Meal and Rest Breaks –

Labor laws have certain requirements for rest and meal breaks allowed to employees. Employers cannot refuse to allow breaks for shifts of certain lengths and must pay employees for some rest breaks. Employees can bring claims if they are not allowed proper rest or meal times or if they are not compensated as they should be.

Independent Contractor Status –

Most wage and hour laws do not apply to workers classified as independent contractors instead of as employees. Some companies may wrongfully classify individuals as independent contractors either on accident or to avoid compliance with labor laws. Wrongfully classified employees can seek compensation for all they would be owed under wage and hour laws.

No matter what type of wage and hour dispute you face, please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance today.

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As an employee, you deserve to be fully compensated for the time that you work. As an employer, you should not have to incur unnecessary financial liability if you have complied with all labor laws. At the law firm of Lopez & Sanchez, we represent both employers and employees in wage and hour disputes. We understand the complex labor laws in Illinois and we will strive to protect your rights. If you have a possible case in the Chicago area, please contact our wage and hour attorneys for a consultation as soon as possible.

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