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When you receive a Notice to Appear from immigration authorities, it’s as if your worst nightmare is coming true: The U.S. government is seeking removal for you or a loved one. You may not understand exactly what the process entails or how to address the matter, and you probably doubt there’s anything you can do to avoid being deported. The fear of the unknown is overwhelming, as you and your family face an uncertain future.

At the Chicago law firm of Lopez & Sanchez, our immigration team knows that there’s a lot at stake with deportation cases. We’re dedicated to protecting your rights in an immigration removal proceeding, from developing a defense strategy to collecting evidence to representing you before the Immigration Court. Whether you’re facing removal due to entering without permission, remaining after expiration of your visa, or involvement in a criminal matter, we can help.

Overview of Removal Proceedings

There are different grounds for a person to be removed from the US, a process often referred to as deportation. Authorities may initiate removal proceedings if you:

  • Entered the U.S. without proper authority
  • Failed to comply with terms of your admission into the US, even though your original entry was proper
  • Engaged in certain types of criminal activity
  • Are affiliated with certain organizations
  • Became reliant on public assistance within five years of entering the US
  • Are eligible for removal for other reasons designated by law

Removal Process

The U.S. government begins the removal process by delivering a Notice to Appear, which lists the reasons that officials are seeking deportation. These are allegations that the government must prove in order to obtain the relief requested, namely, to have you removed. The NTA also states the hearing date where you must appear before an Immigration Judge to contest the allegations. If you don’t appear or fail to sufficiently defend your interests, the judge may issue an order for your removal.

Defending Your Rights in Removal Proceedings

Because the NTA is nothing more than a list of allegations, you have options to defend yourself in an immigration removal proceeding. Our lawyers at Lopez & Sanchez have successfully defended clients by arguing that:

  • The actual facts are contrary to the allegations in the NTA;
  • You qualify for and/or have obtained a criminal waiver;
  • You are eligible to remain in the U.S. under the Deferred Action for Certain Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program;
  • The evidence against you was obtained in violation of your civil rights, and should be eliminated from consideration;
  • You are requesting asylum; or,
  • Any number of other defenses available under U.S. law.

Discuss Your Case with an Experienced Immigration Removal Defense Attorney Today

The lawyers at Lopez & Sanchez have extensive experience representing clients in all types of immigration matters, including defending individuals facing removal proceedings. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of complicated immigration laws, ensuring protection of your legal rights at a time when you fear you may have none. Please contact our Chicago office for more information about our immigration removal defense services, or with questions about your circumstances.

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